About us

G-O-D-A was established in 2018, with a simple approach to creating quality and fashion forward hats and accessories.


The G-O-D-A signature denotes a unique and modern aesthetic with playful details. A contemporary effortless style for the modern feminine beauty. 

With an emphasis on modern designs and elevated details, our range of beautiful hats and accessories emphasise the true stylish expression of the individual wearer.


We are more than just fashion - we're a dedicated team of passionate, collaborative and innovative people that are devoted to creating modern fashion that inspires women to express their individuality.


G-O-D-A Goddess Of Divine Aesthetic was founded by Fiona Chalmers, a London based designer.

' G-O-D-A for me has been my awakening to what I really wanted to create and share with women. To have people feel excited about details and collections and for them to enjoy feeling beautiful when they wear G-O-D-A. 

I want G-O-D-A to be an approachable and fun brand with an elevated modern aesthetic.

The name G-O-D-A came to me and is my idea of this modern expression of beauty. It means to me the most stylish woman dressing her best for her own satisfaction and with her own identity. Goddess Of Divine Aesthetic is the best way to describe this inspiration.




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