About us

G-O-D-A was established in 2019 with the idea of creating hats and accessories that elevate ones individual style and the divine feminine beauty, with a modern aesthetic at the heart of each design.

An independant designer fashion brand created by Fiona Chalmers, a Scottish artist and designer based in London.

'At the core of what I do is to elevate ones unique personal style with finishing touches they can make their own. This is the beauty of hats and accessories, everyone can add their own twist to how they wear them. I love how each hat transforms the wearer, as I watch their face light up when they try, It's a magical moment to me. The beauty of fashion and what I love about it, is the ability to be transported in your imagination through the clothing'

What inspired me to begin and has always has stuck in my mind is a quote I saw written on a wall in East London when I first moved to this city ; ' When one endeavours to follow ones dream, reality becomes and illusion and the dream becomes the life.' This has always made me really appreciate and understand to always endeavour for your dreams.




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