Discovering art from around the world today takes me to Cairo, Egypt and I couldn't imagine a better setting to get lost in. Under current lockdowns I'm using my imagination to take me there but something about Maria Hanna's paintings already transported me to her place.

In a world that seems so destructive and confused right now I find art has a way to centre my being, to imagine, to dream and to live as if the better days are already here. 

The latest artist who doesn't disappoint in my fantasy of dreams is Maria Hanna, a self taught artist based in Cairo, Egypt.


Hi Maria, I noticed you are a self taught artist, when and how did you discover you had a talent for painting?

I've always had the tendency to enjoy a crayon sketch since I was four ( according to my parents and the archived scetches) I also use to draw on all the walls of my childhood house using different tools and unlike the common way a scribbling as a child I used to actually draw nicely and had a great attention to detail. During my school years I excelled in art class always and got used to having my artwork hung all around my school. I continued to study art theory in college  and always longed for learning the actual skills of painting and drawing, so I figured practice makes difference and I was always motivated to work on myself, research techniques and try them out . I never succeeded before I failed a couple of times. 


What medium do you most enjoy using?

I enjoy using many different mediums, basically using all what I can come up with to paint the vision I have in mind. My most valued medium would be oil paint and gold leaf, oil paint helps me work on many details and shading techniques . The gold leaf impresses me by how much it can light up a painting and compliment my art direction and colours used.


Where has your latest inspirations came from?

My all time motivation is empowering females all around the globe, most of my art work portrays different females from all different cultures. This is because I believe female empowerment is a ripple effect and I aspire to one day create a wave that flows to all ends of the world.


Do you have a favourite painting you could tell us about and why it's your favourite?

I honestly don't have one favourite painting, instead I fall in love with all my paintings in the process of creating them. Every detail in all my paintings have a story behind them, every choice of colour and every brush stroke. this is why I never put out my art work for sale unless if i'm completely in love with it. 

Do you have any upcoming projects or exhibitions?

I have some exciting news in joining a gallery in New York, USA soon, at the start of 2021. 


What does art mean to you?

Art to me is an escape, a beautiful saying by Goubran Khalil goes about that in imagination we find life. It's exceptionally exciting to create an art piece full of life out of a blank canvas. 


Where can anyone find and buy your art?

My artwork is available on my instagram art platform exclusively. I like to  get in contact personally with my clients and find out about their preferences.

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