A quest for art love

A quest for art love



Hey everyone, 

on my quest to search for artists that inspire and paintings/art that take me places, I came across the mystical dreamy art by Andrea Morales.

Without a face in the paintings but a silhouette, I found this made me dream and imagine more the character or person in the setting.

Then I thought let me find out about this talent behind the art that stopped me for a moment and sent me to a wonderful daydream.



How would you describe the style of art you create Andrea?

My style of art is simple, geometric and there are no faces. This style enables everyone to see for themselves and they can feel my art as a part of them.

The bodies taken are all the protagonists with different postures and gestures…The palette of color in each illustration tries to transmit a different mood.

Mostly they are neutral and balance colors like beige, light grey, and different types of blue...

What are the main inspirations behind your work?

Well, I was born in Barcelona. I feel the Mediterranean sea inside my soul and everything related with the sea inspires me and makes me happy.

Mediterranean landscapes and exotic places are without a doubt my favorites.

Also, I feel very attracted to feminism. I feel so proud and thankful to be a woman and I believe in all kinds of beauty. For me, the beauty is genuine, innocent, and natural it doesn't care about the shape of the body.

Fortunately we live in a society where we are breaking the stereotype of the perfect woman.


How different has your work developed or been influenced over the years?

I came through a different age. I always loved to paint and my father taught me when I was 2 years old but it was never anything serious. One day when I was about 4 years old I sketched all the walls of my room. My parents installed a big blackboard on the wall of my room.

When I was 16 years old I tried m to study art. I loved it but I left it to study Political Science and Marketing. During this lapse of time I was painting but very punctual--always painting followed by throwing everything away.

One year ago, before I moved to California my best friend encouraged me to open an Instagram account for my drawings. I started posting some architecture (another of my passions)  because I didn’t feel confident but my love for Picasso’s art and my devotion to Joan Miró made me start with some cubism and realism.

It was easy and funny to be able to draw the eyes wherever I wanted. Everything can be in a different place with cubism, and that’s wonderful.  Ironically, I am doing the complete opposite now.

At the beginning I liked everything, and it was difficult following this path to find my own essence. Finally, I decided to stop and take some air. I had just moved to a new country and a lot of things were happening to me.

The nostalgia always comes with me everywhere and I go, always missing my place.  For this reason I decided to give tribute to the place where I was born immortalizing in every illustration.  

Do you find any challenges when it comes to creating a new piece in terms of new ideas?

Yeah, definitely.

Every commission is a new challenge for me and I always exceed the customer’s expectations.  You need to be a perfectionist and really love what you are doing. For this reason, every illustration is like a love story, I left my heart there.


Who or what has been the biggest influence on you as an artist?

Mainly I love Joan Miró and Pablo Picasso. I dream with the Monet’s sunsets and I can be lost in Matisse’s gardens.

In IG a find a lot of inspiration a lot of muses, in special:


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