When one endeavours to follow ones dream,

 reality becomes an illusion and the dream becomes the life.



I'll never forget this quote I saw written on a wall in east London. I had only moved to London one week before I saw it and I remember feeling full of hope, dreams and excitement!

I knew from then this was my city and that I was going to love living here.

I have recently had many milestones and with each milestone I am arriving closer to living the vision I had when I arrived and looked at that wall and felt related to those words.

The day of this photoshoot was a day when my heart fluttered with pride because I found the most amazing talent I wanted to work with and we collaborated together to shoot the first campaign for G-O-D-A.

Styled and directed by me in collaboration with the photographer Emily Jane our beautiful model Chiomahh and the talented make up artist Katherine  

I wanted to capture the feeling of a moment when someone is enjoying the abundance of their city with a look of ambition in their eyes and Chiomahh was the perfect model for this.

This is one of the milestones that will stay with me because it is the start of the ultimate dream to collaborate with creatives and allow them to showcase their talent without compromising each other. 

This is the day the dream became the life...

Thanking photographer Emily Jane

Model Chiomahh.

Make up artist Katherine.